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Molecular Imaging and Photonics

The Division consists of the Laboratory for Photochemistry and Spectroscopy (Van der Auweraer, Hofkens, De Feyter, Uji-i-) and the Laboratory for Molecular Electronics and Photonics (Clays, Verbiest).

Mission statement

The research unit has as a first main goal to develop and implement new spectroscopic and imaging techniques. However, the division wants to go beyond the development of instrumentation for the sake of developing it: new instrumentation is developed with the goal of getting insight in the function of (bio)molecules and (bio)materials.

The molecules and materials are carefully selected to have relevance for catalysis and separation, cellular imaging, opto-electronics, amongst other timely topics. Hence as a second goal of the research unit one can formulate ‘elucidating the link between on the one hand molecular structure and properties and on the other hand structure and properties of (bio)materials on the nano and mesoscale’.

The division has gained international recognition as testified for by the publication track record and the numerous invitations to conferences. The division and its research units offer a highly stimulating and international (more than 15 nationalities) setting to its many postdocs, PhD and Master students. Due to participation in several major national and international research projects, the division has established an active network of collaborations with a large number of leading laboratories worldwide.

Head of division

Prof. Johan Hofkens

           Celestijnenlaan 200 F - bus 2404
           B-3001 Heverlee

           phone +32-(0)16-32.78.04/32.74.18

Research domains

  Phone Secretary

Fotochemie en Spectroscopie
 Prof. M. Van der Auweraer
 Prof. J. Hofkens            
 Prof. S. De Feyter
 Prof. H. Uji-I

016-32.74 18
 Ann Petré
 Tel:  016 - 32.74.18
Moleculaire Elektronica en Fotonica
 Prof. K. Clays               
 Prof. T. Verbiest           

 Ann Petré
 Tel:  016 - 32.74.18