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Polymeerchemie en -materialen

Elements of contemporary organic and physical chemistry are exploited and developed in a concerted way to create new polymeric materials. Molecules and materials are synthesized and characterized on molecular and supramolecular levels, the properties are evaluated and interpreted in terms of intrinsic molecular characteristics and the materials processing induced morphology.
Our research focuses on 3 societal relevant material classes: biobased polymeric materials, materials based on conjugated polymers and nano-engineered polymer materials.
The research unit furthermore invests in new pathways for polymer synthesis and the unveiling of structure-property relationships in soft matter using experiment, theory and simulations.
The collaboration with other research groups is crucial as to complement our own expertise and to adequately cover the chain of knowledge required to develop new polymeric materials.

The research topics of the different groups are briefly summarized in the following leaflet


Prof. B. Goderis

           Celestijnenlaan 200 F - bus 2404
           B-3001 Heverlee

           phone +32-(0)16-32.78.06/ 32.74.18


  Telefoon Secretariaat

Laboratorium voor fysische chemie van polymeermaterialen

 Prof. E. Nies


016 - 32.74.81

  Ann Petré
 016 - 32.74.18

Laboratorium voor macromoleculaire structuurchemie

 Prof. B. Goderis


016 - 32.78.06

 Ann Petré
 016 - 32.74.18

Laboratorium voor polymeersynthese

Prof. G. Koeckelberghs


016 - 32.74.20

Ann Petré
 016 - 32.74.18

Laboratorium voor synthese van organische materialen

Prof. M. Smet


016 - 32.74.64

Ann Petré
 016 - 32.74.18