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Biochemie, Moleculaire en Structurele Biologie

The mission of the unit is the study of Biomolecular Interactions in vitro and in living systems. Interactions between biological molecules, leading to complex structures with new functional and dynamic properties are at the origin of life. It is therefore crucial to characterize in great detail these molecules, their interactions, their complementarities, the induced conformational changes, and the emergence of new properties in vitro, and a fortiori in their natural environment. This characterization will lead to a full understanding and opens the possibilities of intervention: either to create new molecules or to interfere when things go wrong.
The unit has acquired the expertise in molecular biology, functional fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, structure determination by crystallography, and molecular modeling.
Our objectives are to collect, to master and to be at the forefront of the development of a number of essential tools to Measure, Model and Manipulate biomolecular interactions, both in vitro and in living systems, and to apply this expertise to a number of highly relevant questions. These objectives will be reached by intensive exchange of experience and instrumentation within the unit, and by collaborations outside the unit to maximize our efficiency. Our diversity is our strength and we want to exploit each others possibilities maximally.
Furthermore we want to be a creative research-based initiator and contributor to the teaching program in the bachelor, master and doctoral program of the faculty of Sciences.



Prof. Johan Robben

           Celestijnenlaan 200 G - bus 2403
           B-3001 Heverlee

           Phone +32-(0)16-32.73.16/32.71.42
           Fax +32-(0)16-32.79.74


  Telefoon Secretariaat
Biomoleculaire Architectuur
 Prof. L. Van Meervelt

016 - 32.76.09
 Ann Petré
 Tel:  016 - 32.74.18
Biomoleculaire Modellering
 Prof. M. De Maeyer

016 - 32.75.21
 Karin Snel
 Tel:  016 - 32.71.42
Moleculaire en Synthetische Biologie
 Prof. J. Robben

016 - 32.73.16
 Karin Snel
 Tel:  016 - 32.71.42
Biomoleculaire netwerk dynamica
 Prof. H. Mizuno

016 - 32.71.42
 Karin Snel
 Tel:  016 - 32.71.42
Nanopore devices
 Prof. G. Maglia

016 - 32.71.42
 Karin Snel
 Tel:  016 - 32.71.42
Thrombose Onderzoek
 Prof. H. Deckmyn
 Prof K. Vanhoorelbeke   
056 - 24.64.22

Nanoscale Biological Activity and Architecture

Prof. P. Dedecker

016 - 32.75.26

Karin Snel

Tel. 016 - 32.71.42